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Ice Cream Cakes

Traditional Ice Cream Cakes

Offered in several different sizes, our traditional Ice Cream Cakes are a hit at every party.   Each cake is both Vanilla and Chocolate with Crunch in the middle.

Specialty Cakes

Our Specialty cakes include our M&M Fudge Cake, Triple Crunch, Cookies and Cream.  We can also make special Wedding Cakes, Bridal Shower cakes and more.

Custom Cakes

Have an idea for an Ice Cream Cake? Does your loved on have a favorite theme?  Want a cake shaped in a number? We are able to customize a cake anyway you like.  

Allergy Sensative

We have peanut free cakes and gluten free cakes and our ingredients are all natural and use no high fructose corn syrup. 

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